10-11 апреля 2020

Санкт-Петербург, Петербургское шоссе 64к1 лит. А

Конференция для JavaScript-разработчиков




О конференции HolyJS 2020 Piter

10-11 апреля в Санкт-Петербурге состоится HolyJS 2020 Piter — большая конференция для JavaScript-разработчиков.

HolyJS 2020 Piter станет девятой по счету специализированной конференцией по JS, проводимой JUG Ru Group. Более 1000 JS-разработчиков под одной крышей соберутся для того, чтобы обсудить новости стремительно развивающейся экосистемы, свежие инструменты, фреймворки, паттерны и сотни изменений с экспертами со всего мира и услышать несколько десятков докладов о фронтенде и не только. Коснемся и бэкенда, и десктопа.


Robert "Uncle Bob" Martin Uncle Bob Consulting LLC
Mr. Martin has been a programmer since 1970. He is a co-founder of cleancoders.com, offering on-line video training for software developers. He is the founder of Uncle Bob Consulting LLC, offering software consulting, training, and skill development services to major corporations worldwide. He served as the Master Craftsman at 8th Light inc, a Chicago based Software Consulting firm. Mr. Martin has published dozens of articles in various trade journals, and is a regular speaker at international conferences and trade shows. He is also the creator of the acclaimed educational Clean Code video series at cleancoders.com. Mr. Martin has authored and edited many books.
Damian is a Vue.js core team member, currently working as a lead frontend engineer at Coursedog. Back in 2016, he co-founded the Official Vue.js Newsletter (news.vuejs.org). He also created several popular open source libraries: vue-multiselect, vuelidate and vue-global-events. In 2017, he co-organised the first international VueConf. Since then, he has been coordinating multiple Vue meetups in Poland. When not coding, he is probably practicing his latte art skills or playing with his camera.
Natalia Tepluhina is a Vue.js core team member and a Senior Frontend Engineer at GitLab. She is a conference speaker and author of articles on different topics related to Vue.js. Thanks to these activities Natalia has got a title of Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies.
Franziska has a Ph.D. in mathematics and is a senior engineer at Google working on the Cloud Platform team in New York City. She’s a member of the Node.js Technical Steering Committee and an expert on JavaScript performance. When she's not working hard on making Node.js better on the Cloud Platform, she's probably out riding horses.
David Nolen is a software engineer and international speaker on applying functional programming techniques and tools to industrial software development. He is the lead developer of ClojureScript, a version of Clojure that compiles to JavaScript.
Ken Wheeler Citadel Securities
Ken Wheeler is a passionate web developer, renowned and celebrated in the developer community: he’s been in the web development business for over a decade, has written and contributed to multiple OSS projects, most notably Slick Carousel and Webpack Dashboard. In his free time, he cracks jokes on the Undefined podcast with one of his all-time best buddies, Jared Palmer, takes care of his kids, and writes awesome music.
Rajat Kumar Netflix Inc.
Rajat is a Senior Software Engineer at Netflix and is passionate about building products. He enjoys writing code in Javascript because he believes Javascript has its complexities and imperfections that mimic the real world. Rajat has been involved in several engineering challenges at Netflix, including Conditional Runtime Bundler called Codex, Netflix’s NodeJS PaaS called NodeQuark. He also maintains and is a core contributor to <a href="http://restify.com" target="_blank">Restify</a>.