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A journey in privacy enhancement for web apps.

"Security is hard", they said. And how the freaking they were right! Writing a secured software is all about dealing to adjust between usability and data protection. It's all but easy...

Let's say we want to share some [insert datatype here] with a group of friends. We don't want external services to access it, because we take care of our privacy. So we need a method to share the data in an encrypted way. We also want not to rely on a centralized platform for sharing, so we need a distributed database. And we want to embed that in a web app, so we can distribute it easily to give more friends access to the content.

Fortunately, we've got everything we need to meet the challenge: there is Zero-Knowledge Architecture to share data in an E2E Encrypted form; we can use a Blockchain to distribute a trusted database; and we can rely on WebAssembly to implement the crypto layer in our web app so the plain format data remains hard to rob. Oh, and why not adding some steganography to track potential leaks?

This is what this talk is made for: implement this use case to understand how to mix all those technologies. A journey through privacy, with code, demos, and a lot of cryptography. Join us and trust the Web platform again!


m4dz is a "curious pet". Tech Evangelist at alwaysdata, a PaaS hosting provider, he has made security and privacy one of his challenges for the Web. All the technologies are under his radar, to make all the digital players aware of our realities. Chronic optimist, his favourite book will always remain "Alice in Wonderland".