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You can also be part of the community. You have something that makes you unique. You have something to give.

This talk is about the community. About how a simple programmer like Dario (and you) can make a difference in the community. Speaker will share his journey from being a "community consumer" to participating in Stack Overflow, having his blog and an open source project with over 100k downloads.

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Dario Kondratiuk

Web Developer with 15+ years on the web industry. Author of Puppeteer-Sharp and Playwright-Sharp. He is also a Puppeteer and Playwright contributor. Passionate about C#, the web, remote work, and the open source community.

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Василий Ванчук

Увлеченный разработчик, который любит нестандартные задачи, любит как кодить, так и общаться. Обращает внимание на саморазвитие, много читает и помогает развиваться другим. Преподает на курсах и является активным участником сообщества Web Not Bombs.