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An extremely deep and thorough dive into the CSS Reset and how you should be using them. It is one of those things that everybody thinks they know how to use, but in reality, there is way more to it. Having a perfect setup reset can reduce your CSS writing time by a lot, and this is something Margarita is planning to talk about and show people!

We will go through the purpose of resets, types of resets, create our own in the end, and demonstrate how this reset applied to the website or and the app can literally save you!


Margarita Roi

Margarita is a software engineer and international speaker on tools to improving software development processes. She is a consultant software engineer, who loves to find different ways to optimize project work.

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Увлеченный разработчик, который любит нестандартные задачи, любит как кодить, так и общаться. Обращает внимание на саморазвитие, много читает и помогает развиваться другим. Преподает на курсах и является активным участником сообщества Web Not Bombs.