EN / День 3 / 17:15 / Зал 2

The company Hasura wanted to introduce a statically typed frontend language to the Hasura Console for quite some time now. Recently they evaluated some options such as PureScript, TypeScript, ReasonML, and Elm. The company had the following points to consider:

  • they use React extensively, so they need something that goes with React well;
  • Hasura Console has a pretty big codebase already, migration cost matters;
  • it's an opensource project which means the company has few contributors, and they want to keep it that way;
  • Hasura wants to enhance developer experience for them and the external contributors.

During this talk Aleksandra is going to show the pros and cons of the analyzed languages. She will present how adoption would look like and what catches the company would face along the way. She will also tell what the team finally chose and which aspects affected their decision the most.


Aleksandra Sikora

Software Engineer at Hasura, based in Wrocław, Poland. Worked as a full-stack developer for quite some time with many different languages such as Elixir, Golang, Python, TypeScript. Now focused on the frontend side of the Hasura Console. In love with building modern, scalable applications with exceptional user experience.

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