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Vue official router has been a pleasure to build apps with but as the community grows, so do the router needs. However, it hasn't kept up as good as Eduardo wish it had with all the good proposals out there. As a result, we have also taken more time to work on the new version of Vue router and shaping an API that will serve Vue 2 and Vue 3. A more extensible router, easier to contribute, and new architecture from scratch. Let's talk about what has changed in the new Router and all the improvements we are bringing.


Eduardo San Martin Morote

Eduardo is a JavaScript enthusiast who focuses on UI and likes gamedev too. He's a member of the Vue.js core team and he organizes the Paris Vue.js Meetup. He helps daily to improve the Vue ecosystem.

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Илья Климов

15 лет программирует на JS во всех его проявлениях: от микроконтроллеров до облачного рендеринга видео. Более 6 лет профессионально учит людей (в двух вузах и на собственных курсах), кандидат технических наук. Сейчас занимается фронтом в GitLab.