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Authentication is a pain point for many businesses, which lose a significant percentage of the potential customers on sign up and sign-in steps. It's possible to improve the process in a way that would allow minimizing this percentage. Let Anton tell you how!


Anton Nemtsev

20 years of frontend development. So what? Independent developer for 16 years. Sold out to corporations. Jack of all trades, master of none. More of the last part. Founder and chief-editor of the Frontender Magazine. Failed miserably. Speaker at international and local conferences. The further the local. UA Web Challenge expert. Ex. Magical talking bear prostitute.

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Екатерина Павленко
Екатерина Павленко

Экс-член программного комитета HolyJS, семь лет во фронтенде, четыре года в ангуляре, два года вне России. Переехала в Израиль и теперь программирует в окружении пальм.