April 20-23, 2021


Сonference for JavaScript developers

About conference HolyJS

HolyJS 2021 Piter is a JavaScript conference that took place on April 20-23, 2021.

We bring together JS developers to discuss the present and future of JavaScript community with the world's leading experts and watch dozens of frontend talks and much more. We dwell on both backend and desktop.

Conference features

  • Virtual platform and networking
  • 4K video
  • Livestream and recordings
  • We stand by what we do. If you are not satisfied with your experience, we'll give you your money back
  • Contests and talks from the partners
  • Online discussion zones


Frontend Team Lead and the main Accessibility enthusiast at SpurIT. In the early years, Glafira was inspired by an idea to change CSS and HTML for an online text RPG and she never stopped because that was the way! Now, she is a member of the MinskCSS/MinskJS program committee and a co-org of the iconic BeerJS Summit. One of the creators of a Minsk branch of the famous Accessibility Club. You can meet Glafira at the kurmak.info courses as a very cheerful Web Accessibility mentor.

Vitaly Friedman Smashing Magazine

Vitaly Friedman loves beautiful content and doesn’t like to give in easily. Originally from Minsk, Belarus, he studied computer science and mathematics in Germany where he has discovered his passion for typography, writing and design. After working as a freelancing designer and developer for 6 years, he co-founded Smashing Magazine, one of the largest online magazines dedicated to Web design and development. Vitaly is writer, co-author and editor of both Smashing Books. He is now working as the editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine in the lovely city of Germany, Freiburg.

A Software Engineer and enthusiast, capable to create products from idea to production. Vladimir's programming experience began from the last school years when he finished Computer Science classes. Then he went to the University and dive deep into the science of how semiconductors grow. And from 2011 Vladimir has been working as a software engineer including his master's degree project, where he used programming skills to create complex computation and analysis tools. He also worked in games, social and event industries. Was part of an incredible team of Interactive Lab in Moscow, helped friends from IvanRast in Saint-Petersburg to create digital experiences, CMS for a museum, and interactive presentations. In 2016 Vladimir had invited one of the gaming companies in Prague and later joined one of the best IT sports companies DELTATRE as a Senior Software Engineer.

20 years of frontend development. So what? Independent developer for 16 years. Sold out to corporations. Jack of all trades, master of none. More of the last part. Founder and chief-editor of the Frontender Magazine. Failed miserably. Speaker at international and local conferences. The further the local. UA Web Challenge expert. Ex. Magical talking bear prostitute.

GraphQL rockstar, developer of Internet products, OSS maintainer. Since 2001 Pavel's main specialization is web technologies. He has extensive practical knowledge on backend/frontend development, administration, and architecture. Since the end of 2015, Pavel's main focus is on isomorphic applications. In summer 2016 he began the development of graphql-compose (GraphQL schema generator) in open source.

Software developer, striving to simplicity and beauty of the experiences. 7 years of experience building on the Web. JavaScript all the things. Design and code go hand in hand.

Computer Engineer with 14 years of experience in C/CPP. Currently developing a Polyglot Runtime and a Polyglot FaaS/CaaS based on it. Founder and CEO of MetaCall.

Alexey is a lead software engineer and an open-source contributor. He currently runs an engineering team at resume.io — the biggest online resume builder, built with Rails and React. Though his day-to-day duties are mostly backend and infrastructure, Alexey loves playing around with JS and investing his spare time building minimalistic open-source libraries for React. He believes that simplicity in web products matters and that great product are born from the interception of good design and solid technology.

Actively propagating web application safety. Love testing and works at Cypress.io for the second time. Material-UI core team member. Active (or not really) open source contributor.

Love chihuahua, volleyball, OCaml, and cooking.

Nikolay is an architect and Node.js expert at Grid Dynamics. He is a big fan of performance optimization in Node.js.

Now he is working in St. Petersburg, Florida. Together with Amazon's consulting team, he is building a cloud computing platform for a product supply chain management project for one of the largest electronics companies in the United States.

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