Nataliya Karatkova

Why would you want a server-side rendering app or static site generator? How can you improve user experience without negatively impacting developer experience? Nataliya will give you an insight into her experiences migrating a project to Next.js — from recapping a process to sharing the lessons learned.

Arkadiy Pilguk

Arkadiy will tell how modern web developers can use the magic of machine learning in their client-side applications, what they should know in order to do that and what tools they can use.

Назим Гафаров
Nazim Gafarov

Classic example-based testing has a lot of flaws. Nazim will consider the advantages of another approach — property-based testing. He will start from the simple mathematical functions, gradually making his examples more and more complex up to real-life examples.

Ruben Bridgewater

A journey into the asynchronous debugging horrors, how to avoid them and what patterns can be used to ease the life of each developer debugging applications.

Oleg Šelajev

You'll learn about a new implementation of the Node.js runtime with its benefits and tradeoffs, and will understand whether you should evaluate it right away or maybe stick to whatever runtime you're using for a while.

Marina Miranovich

Using maze problem as an example, Marina will tell about different methods of representing graphs and graph traversal algorithms.

Eduardo San Martin Morote

What is behind a simple and easy-to-use API? Is it really that difficult to create your own SPA router? What are the different approaches and their advantages, caveats? Let's answer all these questions by comparing different routers and taking a deeper dive into Vue Router.

Andrey Sitnik

Andrey Sitnik, author of the famous Autoprefixer, PostCSS, Browserslist, and Nano ID, will tell about his experience of promoting open source projects. You will learn how marketing works in open source, learn to shield yourself from hype and choose technologies that would actually be of use for your project.

Alexey Kozyatinsky

Alexey will tell about DevTools Protocol, which parts of it you can use to build your own tools for Node.js and how you can do it. In addition to that, he will show how to write your own plugin for ndb, to get a convenient GUI for your tool as well.

Stanimira Vlaeva
Vladimir Mutafov

Come to learn what challenges the NativeScript team met embedding V8 in a mobile framework and how they were solved.

Lucas da Costa

We'll not only explore the very concept of recursion and its mathematical origins but also show how we can implement it without any explicit support, live-coding together we'll reinvent one of the most beautiful ideas in computer science: the Y combinator.

Ujjwal Sharma

Join Ujjwal, a Node.js core collaborator and an avid contributor to V8 in order to know all about ES Modules. You will come away with a deep understanding of how the module systems work internally in Node.js and what are the challenges facing these systems, moving forwards.

Denys Mishunov

This talk will tell 3 entertaining stories (mixed with code) of application migrations with different approaches, different architectural decisions and different results. Attendees will get idea of how to approach framework-agnostic front-end migrations using microservices architecture, web components and good sense of humour.

Mauricio Palma

As developers, it's still our responsibility to include as many people as possible in our applications. In this talk we will learn some important JavaScript automation tasks, e.g. enhanced color contrast and voice interfaces.

Vitaly Slobodin

What should you do when you need to print pretty PDF files very quickly and to a good quality? Or when you're required to make PDF previewable before printing with an online editing option?

Michel Weststrate

We will dive deep into the design principles and implementation details of MobX. If MobX always looked like magic to you: after this talk no longer. And most importantly, we'll discover that predictability and speed are not competing concerns but rather catalysts of each other.

Alex Castillo

As humans, we average 29,000 thoughts a day but we can only navigate applications with our fingers and voices. Why not use our minds as a service and drive the user experience with our thoughts?

David Khourshid

Currently David've been giving talks on a very important new topic in JavaScript — reactive state machines and statecharts. He will be highlighting new advancements in automatically generated tests and visualizations for complex application logic, for any framework.

Pavel Chertorogov

Pavel will start with an overview of Apollo Client's and Relay architecture. He'll tell what "hairy" GraphQL is, how it can be useful and what are the differences between it and RestQL. He'll show how to use GraphQL correctly on the client side in react-apollo, how to write bottom-up queries over fragments (just like in Facebook). Then he'll match it with TypeScript to get hardcore enterprise static analysis.

Martin Splitt

Martin wants to give web developers a sound understanding of how Googlebot and other crawlers see their content and what are common pitfalls to avoid.