Charlie is a senior frontend developer, Google Developer Expert and Mozilla Tech Speaker. She’s passionate about human-computer interaction and spends her personal time building interactive side projects using creative coding, machine learning and hardware. She also loves giving back to the community by making all her prototypes open-source, mentoring, blogging and speaking at conferences.

Damian is a Vue.js core team member, currently working as a lead frontend engineer at Coursedog. Back in 2016, he co-founded the Official Vue.js Newsletter ( He also created several popular open source libraries: vue-multiselect, vuelidate and vue-global-events. In 2017, he co-organised the first international VueConf. Since then, he has been coordinating multiple Vue meetups in Poland. When not coding, he is probably practicing his latte art skills or playing with his camera.

David Nolen is a software engineer and international speaker on applying functional programming techniques and tools to industrial software development. He is the lead developer of ClojureScript, a version of Clojure that compiles to JavaScript.

Margarita is a software engineer and international speaker on tools to improving software development processes. She is a consultant software engineer, who loves to find different ways to optimize project work.

Web Engineer. At different times he used different languages and directions, and in the last few years, he has focused on JS. Sergey is interested in developing CG applications, actively contributes to Webpack, loves rare tasks such as analysis and work with AST, self-written bundlers, etc.

Maria Shakshina Roox Solutions

Still in school, Maria was inspired by programmer's success stories, went to tech university and never regretted. She has a master's degree in SPb ITMO, faculty of Corporate information systems development. For almost 6 years she was a full-stack, frontend developer and DevOps a little. Now she develops business portals for Internet banks.

Tech lead in KURS company, tutor at MIPT. Has more than 15 years of experience in IT. Writes code and manages projects ranging from ERP systems customization to building a real-time webscraping system. Sometimes shares his experience as a speaker at conferences and meetups.

Experienced JavaScript/Frontend Developer with several years experience working on large scale web applications. Passionate about mobile, automated testing, and enabling teams to build great things through great tools.

Önder is a Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies and he has been working on building web and mobile apps in various development ecosystems since the late 90s. JavaScript and web have always been his passion and nowadays he enjoys it at its full while working as a Tech Lead at LINKIT. He believes in teamwork and he shares his knowledge on ITNEXT and GDG-NL communities as a co-organizer and speaker. He's also interested in photography, capturing night photos specifically.

12 years in web development. Backend-developer in the past. Worked at the bloody enterprise, then moved to startup. One of Frontend Youth podcast participants. Dan Abramov said that Aleksandr is a prominent character.

Phil is Principal Developer Experience Engineer at Netlify.

With a passion for browser technologies, and the empowering properties of the web, he loves seeking out ingenuity and simplicity, especially in places where over-engineering is common.

After more than 20 years of building web applications for companies such as Google, Apple, Nike, R/GA, and The London Stock Exchange, Phil has worked to challenge traditional technical architectures in favour of simplicity and effectiveness.

Phil is co-author of “Modern Web Development on the JAMstack” (O’Reilly, 2019)

Alex (he/him) is a self-taught engineer with diverse background in development of learning resources, semantic web and domain-specific knowledge systems. He considers software development less of a job and more of a daily practice; curiosity and excitement being his driving force.

Ruslan is interested in programming for more than 10 years. Winner of different level academic competitions. Works in commercial development for 5 years. He started from C language and cryptology, then he was engaged in full-stack development on .NET and React. Ruslan recently a Senior JavaScript Developer. He owns a startup in the development of the sport. Likes new technologies, be aware of the latest frontend news. Ruslan actively uses GraphQL in his projects and trying to promote it. A supporter of static typing and functional programming.

Andrey Melikhov Yandex.Money

Before becoming a frontend developer, Andrey was engaged in the development of geophysical equipment. He was writing assembly code for the microcontrollers and was solving the problem of data transfer by kilometer noisy cable. Then he got a bit bored in the frontend, but recently discovered a lot of poorly researched (at least in Runet) low-level areas associated with the issues of generating machine code from JavaScript. He continues to dig deeper and shares the results with the community.

Alexey worked in companies such as Rambler Group, Raiffeisen Bank, Waves as a Senior Engineer/Team Lead. He's a Ph.D. and Community Leader of Facebook Developer Circle: Moscow. Alexey is fond of the development of Data-Driven Web Applications, Cyber Security, ML&AI.

Software Engineer at Hasura, based in Wrocław, Poland. Worked as a full-stack developer for quite some time with many different languages such as Elixir, Golang, Python, TypeScript. Now focused on the frontend side of the Hasura Console. In love with building modern, scalable applications with exceptional user experience.

Eunjae is a software engineer at Algolia. He gets excited when learning new things and loves building tools to make life easier. He was born and raised in South Korea. He moved to Singapore in 2017 and now lives in Paris since 2019. He is happily working in Algolia, surrounded by amazing colleagues.

GraphQL rockstar, developer of Internet products, OSS maintainer. Since 2001 Pavel's main specialization is web technologies. He has extensive practical knowledge on back-end/front-end development, administration, and architecture. Since the end of 2015, Pavel's main focus is on isomorphic applications. In summer 2016 he began the development of graphql-compose (GraphQL schema generator) in open source.

Eduardo San Martin Morote Freelance — Posva Solutions

Eduardo is a JavaScript enthusiast who focuses on UI and likes game dev too. He's a member of the Vue.js core team and he organizes the Paris Vue.js Meetup. He helps daily to improve the Vue ecosystem.

Dario Kondratiuk

Web Developer with 15+ years on the web industry. Author of Puppeteer-Sharp and Playwright-Sharp. He is also a Puppeteer and Playwright contributor. Passionate about C#, the web, remote work, and the open-source community.

Ujjwal is an undergrad student, an open source software fanatic and an active member of the JavaScript ecosystem. A Node.js core collaborator, Electron maintainer, Google Summer of Code mentor and ex-student, he has been working with the V8 team and the TC39 committee to help make JavaScript better, one commit at a time. He loves to talk about open source software, DevOps, JavaScript, Web Standards and the Open Web.

Experienced full-stack developer, project manager, and entrepreneur. Speaker at the most popular conferences and meetups. IT evangelist and CIS countries SvelteJS community leader. Prefers to work on interesting projects as a technical leader and solve complex tasks using various technologies and approaches.

Rajat Kumar Netflix Inc.

Rajat is a Senior Software Engineer at Netflix and is passionate about building products. He enjoys writing code in Javascript because he believes Javascript has its complexities and imperfections that mimic the real world.

Rajat has been involved in several engineering challenges at Netflix, including Conditional Runtime Bundler called Codex, Netflix’s NodeJS PaaS called NodeQuark.

He also maintains and is a core contributor to Restify.

Backend consultant developer advocate combining positions at uKit Group (Russia). JavaScript [ spicy ] practice user and Evangelist. Former Project Manager and Systems Analyst. Former university lecturer at Economy. Musician, Dreamer, Teapot System Administrator.

Leonid Vinnichenko Align Technology

Leonid is engaged in the development of 3D applications at Align Technology. Leonid's main languages are Rust, TypeScript, and GLSL. In his free time, he enjoys music and jogging.

Theodore is a software engineer at Workable in Athens, currently working with a large scale JavaScript codebase.

He recently started researching A11Y and he realized he could combine IoT and JavaScript to help visually impaired people.

He loves FOSS, coffee, drones, woodworking and DIYing all the things.

Alexey Bogachuk EPAM Systems

Solution Architect, Head of JavaScript Competency Center at EPAM Systems, which consists of more that 3200 experts and developers. One of the leaders of local frontend community in Minsk. Main areas of professional interest: application architecture and infrastructure, management.

Former Chrome Puppeteer TL. Currently in Microsoft Playwright team.

Alexey codes in JavaScript since 2007. Previously he worked as a typesetter (more than 100 sites on his list). He used jQuery, Backbone.js, Angular 1, Angular 2, React, Ext JS, PolymerJS. He likes user interfaces and coffee.

Dmitry was a software engineer at Unipro. All his career has worked in virtual machines area, from Java for Intel to JavaScript for Elbrus. In his free time teaches advanced C++ in CSC centre.

True Internet developer since 2008. The character is consistent. He has good relations with his workmates. Impeccably executes code review. Merciless to bugs in production. A good sportsman: the company's champion in typing speed using the ten-finger blind method. Married, was involved in backend development in 2011-2014, since then he hasn't been noticed in the relations defaming him. Adheres to reactive views. Marked with certificates and thanks.

Works in Ad Engineering team at Fandom, bringing content to 200M unique visitors per month. Jacek is a huge fan of browser APIs and Web Components. Having worked much as backend engineer with Python he adopted the Zen, especially Simple Is Better Than Complex. He's a developer with too much taste for breadth-first exploration, struggling with work-life balance.

Ivan Panchenko Postgres Professional

Graduated from MSU in 1994. Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics (1997). Has been developing complex business systems since 1996. Uses PostgreSQL since 1998. Ivan led the development of content projects in Rambler, he was also the head of the development department at the Stack Group and was a CTO of My World social network. The developer of Rambler Media,, the HSE portal and other portals and information systems for business.

Frontend developer. Sergey started his carrier with jQuery in the epoch of Web 2.0. Over the years he experienced different technologies and frameworks. For several last years his main choice is Angular. Lives and works in Berlin.

Hugh Francis Sanctuary Computer

Hugh Francis is a mechanical engineer and technical draftsperson by trade. During his studies in Brisbane, Australia, he founded a boutique record label that led him to NYC, where he eventually turned UX designer and software developer. He worked with various agencies in New York before starting Sanctuary Computer, a technology studio that he currently leads. He's an active contributor to open-source and has released many of his own libraries.