EN / Day 3 / 19:00 / Track 1

In this talk we'll look under the hood of the Angular CLI. We'll start from scaffolding and go all the way to production build-time optimizations.

At the beginning of the presentation, we'd look at the in-memory transforms that we perform over the file structure of an Angular project. Next, we'll focus on the extensibility points of the CLI which allow developers to develop custom commands or extend the existing build process. Finally, we'd discuss ahead-of-time compilation, bundling, build optimization and dead-code-elimination that helps us shrink the bundle sizes of your Angular apps.


Minko Gechev

Minko is an engineer in the Angular team at Google. He loves to experiment with abstract theoretical computer science concepts and transform them into robust industrial solutions. Minko's working on compilers, tools for static code analysis, and machine learning. Some of his projects are the book "Switching to Angular", Guess.js, codelyzer, the official Angular style guide, the Go linter revive, and many others.

Приглашенные эксперты

Alexander Korotaev

Lives in St. Petersburg. Created web applications and games at Tinkoff. Now works at VK. Helps to organize meetings in St. Petersburg and JSNation conference in Amsterdam. He came to programming because he wanted to develop games and gradually began to do this at work.