RU / Day 5 / 17:15 / Track 3

Artem will talk about his experience in creating a yubikey-like device and developing cross-platform JavaScript libraries for working with electronic digital signatures.

Audience and level: Middle and above.


Artem Kobzar

Hegel.js creator, JavaScript.Ninja sempai, UnderJS podcast host, pagan, outcast, traditionalist, post-modernist, underdog.

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Vitaly Slobodin

Vitaly is a co-founder of IT61. He developed various projects with different platforms and frameworks. He has experience with .NET, Node.js, and Ruby on Rails. He loves open source software and browsers. Vitaly joined the PhantomJS project in 2013 and later became the core developer. He believes that browsers (not robots) will rule the world. A big fan of pure and solid code. Perfectionist.