EN / Day 3 / 17:15 / Track 4

Fandom developed a setup to build custom "apps" (think: micro-frontends) and deploy them on multiple platforms we run. We use them to conduct product research. Apps are delivered unconventionally: through the Google ad server.

Let's dive into setting up an ad stack, rapid development, and intricacies of modern micro-frontends, all while having our back covered by an end-to-end tests.


Jacek Broński-Jankowski

Works in Ad Engineering team at Fandom, bringing content to 200M unique visitors per month. Jacek is a huge fan of browser APIs and Web Components. Having worked much as backend engineer with Python he adopted the Zen, especially Simple Is Better Than Complex. He's a developer with too much taste for breadth-first exploration, struggling with work-life balance.

Приглашенные эксперты

Vsevolod Brekelov

Vsevolod has more than 10 years in IT industry. He tried his hands at different roles and directions. He worked with automated testing, fullstack development in different languages. Some time ago he lived in California and worked under contract at Google. Managed to work with various clients from financial sector. Worked at NEO SPCC startup where he was developing on Go.