EN / Day 1 / 17:15 / Track 1

In this talk we will explore how to approach one of the most common problems in web apps – forms and form validations. With the incoming release of Vue.js 3.0 the ecosystem of supporting libraries is meant to change and embrace new possibilities. We will be looking closer at two of them, one being Vuelidate, as well as how we can build an ecosystem around those libraries that could make working with forms a breeze.

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Damian Dulisz

Damian is a Vue.js core team member, currently working as a lead frontend engineer at Coursedog. Back in 2016, he co-founded the Official Vue.js Newsletter (news.vuejs.org). He also created several popular open source libraries: vue-multiselect, vuelidate, and vue-global-events. In 2017, he co-organized the first international VueConf. Since then, he has been coordinating multiple Vue meetups in Poland. When not coding, he is probably practicing his latte art skills or playing with his camera.

Приглашенные эксперты

Natalia Tepluhina

Natalia Tepluhina is a Vue.js core team member and a Senior Frontend Engineer at GitLab.

She is a conference speaker and author of articles on different topics related to Vue.js . Thanks to these activities Natalia has got a title of Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies.