RU / Day 2 / 10:45 / Track 1

This is a story about how Sergey transferred Avito's frontend to a webpack. Avito's frontend is a large project with a lot of functionality on which many teams work. With such volumes of functionality, it's hard to update the entire build stack.

Speaker will tell how he made webpack, PHP and Twig friends, how added extensions for Twig, compiled legacy code, what he did with the compile of a huge number of modules in node_modules, how he implemented dynamic entry points, worked on webpack for the project's tasks. Additionally, you will hear how webpack is built from the inside.


Sergey Melyukov

Web Engineer. At different times he used different languages and directions, and in the last few years, he has focused on JS. Sergey is interested in developing CG applications, actively contributes to webpack, loves rare tasks such as analysis and work with AST, self-written bundlers, etc.

Приглашенные эксперты

Alexander Korotaev

Lives in St. Petersburg. Created web applications and games at Tinkoff. Now works at VK. Helps to organize meetings in St. Petersburg and JSNation conference in Amsterdam. He came to programming because he wanted to develop games and gradually began to do this at work.