RU / Day 1 / 17:15 / Track 2

The current translation process in the frontend is broken most of the time: wrong formats, wrong tools, misunderstanding scale of the problem. As a result, everyone suffers — users, developers, and managers.

Sergey wants to tell how you should not do it: manage strings manually, use JSON, translate without context. And how you can do it better: use special formats, translation platforms, automate the process.

As a result, the speaker would like to give listeners an introduction to the internationalization topic and provide an overview of the ideal process. Your decisions next time will be based on practice and standards, not on a guess.

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Sergey Fetiskin

Frontend developer. Sergey started his carrier with jQuery in the epoch of Web 2.0. Over the years he experienced different technologies and frameworks. For several last years his main choice is Angular. Lives and works in Berlin.

Приглашенные эксперты

Alexandra Kalinina

10+ years of programming experience. Well skilled in web development: figuring out a problem where the abstraction leaked. Great experience in writing unit/integration/E2E/B2B tests using mocha/chai/sinon. Strong experience in major web development technologies, design patterns, DB design, algorithms development and data structures. Some experience in project specification and technical documentation development.