RU / Day 5 / 19:00 / Track 3

While the creators of popular frameworks are measured by the speed of rendering and mechanisms for checking data changes we will go from the other side and try to reveal the topic of the render itself untied from the final representation. How can I render something other than HTML and which framework will be better here? Why it's worth going to high levels of abstraction, and components as an approach should certainly penetrate other areas of development?

Audience and level: frontenders that use popular frameworks — Angular, React or Vue. Talk for the practicing engineer.

Video presentation.


Alexander Korotaev

Lives in St. Petersburg. Created web applications and games at Tinkoff. Now works at VK. Helps to organize meetings in St. Petersburg and JSNation conference in Amsterdam. He came to programming because he wanted to develop games and gradually began to do this at work.

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Nikita Mostovoy

Lead frontend developer at HeadHunter. Started from an intern at HeadHunter developers school and now he has been teaching for over 5 years in this school. Nikita has been working at 5 different teams during all career. A member of the architecture team for the last year. The security of user data, the architecture, and the infrastructure of the project are the most important things at his work.