EN / Day 4 / 10:45 / Track 3

MUSIC is a powerful, dynamic programming language, which can be used to create truly transformative experiences!

Unfortunately, it's been hindered by convoluted syntax and centuries of technical debt, which can lead to some performance issues...

Let's tear music apart, and use a little bit of physics, a little bit of math, and a whole lot of JavaScript to re-invent the building blocks of the greatest hits of the last 400 years!

Together we will re-implement the primitive components of musical theory, like pitch, rhythm, and harmony, and discover yet another reason to prefer composition over inheritance.


Craig Spence

Experienced JavaScript/frontend developer with several years experience working on large scale web applications. Passionate about mobile, automated testing, and enabling teams to build great things through great tools.

Приглашенные эксперты

Maksim Yuzva

Frontend team lead, hiring and resource manager at EPAM. Organizer of FrontSpot community, often hangs out with BeerJS. Trains developers to negotiate. Looks at development from a different angle and gives talks about it.