Богдан Тимофеев
Bogdan Timofeev
  • RU / Day 3 / Track1

During this session will be introduced how Cypress can interact with application backend and why it could be useful.

Юрий Караджов
Yuri Karadzhov
  • RU / Day 4 / Track2

Microservice architecture is making its way to the frontend. The talk presents one of the ways to implement this architecture using modules and web components, discusses the problems and advantages of this approach.

Виталий Фридман
Vitaly Friedman
  • RU / Day 4 / Track1

In this talk, Vitaly will be going over dozens of useful and hidden DevTools features and tips and techniques, explain the daunting performance and networking panels, show fancy experimental features and a debugging workflow for dealing with CSS and JS.

Антон Виноградов
Anton Vinogradov
  • RU / Day 2 / Track1

Virtual assistants infiltrate deeper into our lives, and technologies for their creation are developing fast. Using the Salut family as an example, let's look at developing skills with a visual interface in React and NodeJS.

Илья Климов
Ilya Klymov
  • RU / Day 1 / Track1

Well, what is so complex in building a library for testing? Especially if we are building a library for a testing component framework. The term "components" means high isolation and so — quite a simplicity in creating assertions. Let's take look at why things are quite painful with @vue/test-utils and what we could do with that.

Anton Nemtsev
Anton Nemtsev
  • EN / Day 1 / Track3

Authentication is a pain point for many businesses, which lose a significant percentage of the potential customers on sign up and sign-in steps. It's possible to improve the process in a way that would allow minimizing this percentage. Let Anton tell you how!

Роман Пономарев
Roman Ponomarev
  • RU / Day 1 / Track3

In this talk, we will look at the existing technologies for working with AR and VR on the web, the standards, and also look at the state of the whole XR industry.

Павел Черторогов
Pavel Chertorogov
  • RU / Day 2 / Track1

GraphQL is a tool, not a silver bullet, and in the talk we will analyze in which cases can use it, and in which not.

Олег Сметанин
Oleg Smetanin
  • RU / Day 3 / Track3

An overview of the design of microservices and APIs, using templates and design patterns; DevOps and test practices, based on the experience of building microservice architecture applications for various industries: finance, retail, resources.

Аркадий Пильгук
Arkadiy Pilguk
  • RU / Day 3 / Track4

For client applications, computer vision technology claims to be an excellent way to improve interaction and increase the interactivity of the user interface. If one day you decide to use computer vision in a web application, you are likely to face several problems and limitations, which will be discussed in this talk.

Дмитрий Коваленко
Dmitriy Kovalenko
  • RU / Day 2 / Track1

You may have heard of technologies like ReasonML/Rescript and bucklescript. All this is OCaml on the frontend. But how does it all work? How does OCaml compile to JS? Why is this cool? You will learn in this talk.