RU / Day 1 / 12:15 / Track 1

During 2020 Ilya updated @vue/test-utils twice in GitLab and it took an enormous amount of time. To complete upgrades he has made over 10 pull requests to @vue/test-utils, discuss in Gitlab frontend RFC opportunity to fork it, develop a deep understanding of Vue reactivity and start a holy war for code quality both in GitLab and @vue/test-utils

In this talk Ilya will cover the following topics:

  • what is the hidden complexity of testing such systems;
  • what wrong decisions (in my opinion) were made by @vue/test-utils developers and how we could avoid them;
  • how reactivity makes reliable systems complex;
  • how to write reliable Vue.js tests.

This talk will be useful not only for Vue.js developers but also for everyone who trusts in unit-testing as a key to predictable management of any project.


Ilya Klymov

Teaches people correct JavaScript at and is a Senior Frontend Engineer at GitLab. Believes that everything that cannot be measured must either begin to measure (and build instruments for this) or ignored, like voices in the head.

He always relies on JS, recently sometimes as a compile target.

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Aleksey Khlebaev

10 years in development. Started as a content manager. Now he's a senior frontend. Host of the Frontend Yunost podcast.