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Some discussions describe JavaScript as dynamic typed. This is not a very clear definition. What if we can try to it reveal the other side — make JavaScript Runtime as strict as possible! Then if we think it is impossible we have some to say for you.


Viktor Vershansky

Node.js consultant developer. JavaScript spicy practice user and Evangelist. Former Project Manager and Systems Analyst. Former university lecturer at Economy. Musician, dreamer, Teapot System Administrator.

Приглашенные эксперты

Dmitry Patsura

Developer with 10 years of experience, developed a lot of projected in open source, from a static analyzer — PHPSA, to the TypeScript compiler called StaticScript. Leading the most obscure podcast in the entire frontend — UnderJS

Related open source:

  • PHPSA — static analyzer on PHP for PHP;
  • GHubber — mobile client for Github powered by React Native;
  • StaticScript — language on top of TypeScript as frontend, and LLVM framework as backend.

Dmitry also was a contributor to Zephir Language & Phalcon framework.