RU / Day 2 / 18:45 / Track 1

You may have heard of technologies like ReasonML/Rescript and bucklescript. All this is OCaml on the frontend. And many developers already (including Dmitry) are having one's mouth water from the OCaml on the frontend. But how does it all work? How does OCaml compile to JS? Why is this cool? You will learn in this talk.

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Dmitriy Kovalenko

Actively propagating web application safety. Love testing and works at for the second time. Material-UI core team member. Active (or not really) open source contributor.

Love chihuahua, volleyball, OCaml, and cooking.

Приглашенные эксперты

Ilya Klymov

Teaches people correct JavaScript at and is a Senior Frontend Engineer at GitLab. Believes that everything that cannot be measured must either begin to measure (and build instruments for this) or ignored, like voices in the head.

He always relies on JS, recently sometimes as a compile target.