RU / Day 4 / 19:00 / Track 2

You've already read all of Eddie Osmani's articles. You've learned what are the RAIL, PRPL, LCP abbreviations. Friedman's fresh performance guide is hanging in an open tab for the second month. But how does all this apply to the current project? How can you improve your productivity here and now? Alexander does not know and will not give general advice for all good things and against all moment.js locales. Instead, he will tell you what he did. And hopes that you find his experience of fighting with seconds and bytes interesting.

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Aleksandr Shushunov

Alexander has been developing software for many years. In recent years, he is into the frontend. Alexander thinks that each programmer should read "Clean Code". Twice! His sincere belief is that the internal quality of a product goes side by side with the external quality. He likes running and talking about code.

Приглашенные эксперты

Мария Гнитецкая
Maria Gnitetskaya

Maria started her IT path with illustrations and web design, but after that, she moved to the frontend and now, for almost 6 years, she makes the users' lives easier. She currently works at Skyeng, codes on Angular, loves high-quality interfaces, fantasy and cats.