RU / Day 2 / 17:15 / Track 3

In 2020, SberDevices team presented and started selling two devices: SberBox for 3 thousand rubles and SberPortal for 30 thousand rubles. Most interfaces on these devices were written on web technologies. In his talk Pavel will tell how the team made interfaces work smoothly and fast on both devices which have so different performance. He also suggests discussing how SberDevices speeded up animation and used React, how cached statistics on devices and decreased the size of the bundle and also check how they performed debugging and measured performance.


Павел Ремизов
Pavel Remizov

Pavel makes products for humans using modern web technologies. He is certain that humans are more important and that technologies come second. Pavel worked for startups, state-owned companies, and foreign organizations. Now he works for SberDevices as well as builds EdTech products.

Приглашенные эксперты

Glafira Zhur

Frontend Team Lead and the main Accessibility enthusiast at SpurIT. In the early years, Glafira was inspired by an idea to change CSS and HTML for an online text RPG and she never stopped because that was the way! Now, she is a member of the MinskCSS/MinskJS program committee and a co-org of the iconic BeerJS Summit. One of the creators of a Minsk branch of the famous Accessibility Club. You can meet Glafira at the courses as a very cheerful Web Accessibility mentor.