RU / Day 1 / 10:45 / Track 2

In this talk, Dmitry wants to show the problem of the deceitfulness of simplicity of async/await on the real case, approximate solutions, and profits.

Async/await is very cool and simple. They have been with us for a long time and even natively, but despite being simple and beautiful they hide very interesting pitfalls...

For example, while solving a very interesting problem Dmitry managed to get into the problem of synchronous asynchrony, from which he managed to heroically get out. Now he must share it with the audience.

During this session you will learn about:

  • obvious finding of the problem of synchronous asynchrony in a real problem;
  • surprisingly wrong attempt to solve this problem;
  • heroic speedup ≈ without rewriting on Rust;
  • awkward situation with unhandledRejection flying through try/catch;
  • a couple of useful abstractions.

The targeted audience: pre middle, middle, middle+ developers, and sleepy but cheerful seniors.


Dmitry Makhnev

Helps to do Teaches a little about how to make a frontend. Likes good talks, tests, and painting (impressionism ++).

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Sergey Rubanov

BeerJS Moscow, BeerJS Summit, MoscowJS and WebAssembly Moscow meetup organizer, digital nomad, TC39 invited expert, WebAssembly Community Group participant, certified beer sommelier and community guy whose glass is always half full.