RU / Day 3 / 12:30 / Track 4

Everybody is talking about accessibility since it's necessary, important and it should be applied at the very beginning of a project. But nobody says what an ordinary frontend developer who confuses a11y and 11ty should do to make it clear. Which package should they add to their Webpack to have the issues solved at the bundling stage? Where do they find an a11y bugs report on the console? And how do they check the results of their work after they deploy?

Let's dive into the accessibility testing!

Technologies: HTML, CSS, JS, accessibility, linters, axe Core solution.


Glafira Zhur

Frontend Team Lead and the main Accessibility enthusiast at SpurIT. In the early years, Glafira was inspired by an idea to change CSS and HTML for an online text RPG and she never stopped because that was the way! Now, she is a member of the MinskCSS/MinskJS program committee and a co-org of the iconic BeerJS Summit. One of the creators of a Minsk branch of the famous Accessibility Club. You can meet Glafira at the courses as a very cheerful Web Accessibility mentor.

Denis Biruk

Frontend developer working on interfaces, configs, and documentation at SpurIT. Came to programming because of the desire to make games. Doesn't make games, but makes accessible interfaces.

Приглашенные эксперты

Sergey Kriger

Sergei fell in love with web development back in high school. He got a degree in Information Technologies at the University of Helsinki and has been spending his professional career working for web design studios in Helsinki and Munich. Sergei's focus areas are JavaScript development, UX and accessibility.