RU / Day 1 / 10:45 / Track 4

Say, you have a distributed cluster of 100 nodes. Say, every node collects 100 metrics. Now, imagine a chart with all the metrics from all the nodes. Have you managed it? At Hazelcast they have not.

We will talk about what to do when you want to display all the data at once, but your users have a limited number of monitors and only one pair of eyes. We will speculate about what users want to see when they look at a chart of a monitoring web app. We will go over different approaches to filter the data and how an average, a median, and a definite integral can help us with that.

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Andrey Goncharov

Andrey is a full-stack TypeScript and JavaScript developer. He came from working in two software consultancies on a variety of projects: from small startups to well-established enterprises. Now he is happy to be a part of a family at Hazelcast. Big lover of open source. Author of a small technical blog. Runs BeerJS Voronezh.

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Александр Канунников
Aleksandr Kanunnikov

12 years in web development, 8 years has been developing corporate web applications, including decision-making systems, production process control, and microbiological research. Open source contributor, consultant, and developer of developer tools. Russian Ember.js community organizer. Loves JavaScript, DOM API, AST.