RU / Day 4 / 18:45 / Track 1

JetBrains is releasing new functionality for all of its products this spring — Code With Me. It is a platform for collaborative work, it doesn't matter if it's pair programming, class training, workshops, or mob programming. How important is this for an average developer and IT organizations? How does this thing work inside? What's the story and future of Code With Me? Kirill Skrygan will tell about all these things.


Кирилл Скрыган
Kirill Skrigan

Leads the Code With Me and Rider projects, actively participates in the development of IntelliJ IDEA and was one of the main developers of ReSharper in the past. Kirill is interested in the tasks of distributed development, productivity automation, breakthrough trends in the world of tooling, psychology, and the philosophy of modern IT. Actively participated in negotiations with such giants as Microsoft, Unity, Epic Games, Amazon, Google, Red Hat, etc. He has been in industrial programming for over 15 years.