EN / Day 4 / 17:15 / Track 3

The talk is about a React Rendering Engine (tool) that Toptal build a few years ago, and its features like incremental builds, partial hydration (static components), inline-styling (for better SEO ranking), which they already implemented back in the days when there were no such features in similar tools like Gatsby & Next.js. Currently, the company use this tool for the whole Toptal's website and continue to maintain and improve it even nowadays.


Erzhan Torokulov

Software Engineer with 7+ years of experience building high-quality Software Solutions. Throughout his career has worked in Backend, Frontend as well as in Mobile Development. Currently, working as a Principal Engineer at Toptal (Core Team). Passionate about learning new things, solving challenging problems, and creating innovative solutions.

Приглашенные эксперты

Alexander Korotaev

Lives in St. Petersburg. Created web applications and games at Tinkoff. Now works at VK. Helps to organize meetings in St. Petersburg and JSNation conference in Amsterdam. He came to programming because he wanted to develop games and gradually began to do this at work.