RU / Day 3 / 12:30 / Track 1

The two main challenges in building web services are increasing capacity and decreasing server response time. These problems are usually solved through capacity expansion, horizontal scaling, and data center distribution across continents. This approach is reliable, but expensive and requires maintenance. Lambda computing and Smart CDNs are relatively new and "cheap" technologies designed to solve both problems.

During this session, Alexey will consider the practical application of lambdas from Vercel and Cloudflare: designing frontend microservices, their authorization, working with CDNs, and caching features on edge servers. You will hear about architectural techniques for building highly scalable services using example tasks: rendering PDF/DOCX documents, generating above-the-fold CSS for pages in Cloudflare Workers, rendering OG images.


Alexey Taktarov

Alexey is a lead software engineer and an open-source contributor. He currently runs an engineering team at — the biggest online resume builder, built with Rails and React. Though his day-to-day duties are mostly backend and infrastructure, Alexey loves playing around with JS and investing his spare time building minimalistic open-source libraries for React. He believes that simplicity in web products matters and that great product are born from the interception of good design and solid technology.

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Vasiliy Vanchuk

Passionate developer and troubleshooter. Works with great and productive teams and technologies. Has fun both with coding and communications.