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Node Files. Take #1337.

~ Action! ~


The camera zooms in on an intense discussion between Scully and Mulder. Both are huddled around a terminal, both are uncertain about the next steps. Ghosts of old TCP connections wail in the background. Scully is frantically typing. The left hand side shows a new session starting. Soon a new stream created. Multiple requests come in and Scully and Mulder frantically look at each other with a single face expression -- what. do. we. do. now? A minute passes. Scully looks like she has an idea.

~ Scene ~

In this fresh off the press episode of Node Files, I will take you to a set of Node.js' implementation of HTTP2. Its quirks, its benefits, and its workings explained and illustrated. How do we get from an established connection to TLS decryption? How does the concept of session come in to play? How does node handle memory usage when it comes to HTTP2? And what are these frame things everyone keeps talking about? This and more explained in HTTP2, one frame at a time. Coming to theatre near you from Summer 2018.

Irina Shestak
Irina Shestak

tl;dr javascript, wombats and hot takes. Irina is a London via Vancouver software developer. She spends quite a bit of her time exploring the outdoors, gushing over trains, and reading some Beatniks.